Digital Photo Processing

Picasa is awesome. Do you know use it for image processing?

Tab 1: Commonly Needed Fixes

Crop Crop this Photo to a different format
 Straighten Fix a crooked Photo
 Redeye Repair Red-Eye flaws in this Photo
 I’m  Feeling Lucky One-click fix for lighting and color
 Auto Contrast  Fix exposure without affecting color
Retouch Repair blemishes, dust and scratches
 Text Add/Edit Text on a photo
 Edit in Creative Kit * Edit a photo online using Creative Kit
 Fill light Adjust the ambient light in the photo

Tab 2: Finely-tuned lighting and color fixes

Fill Light
Color Temperature
Neutral Color Picker

Tab 3: Fun and useful image processing

Sharpen  Sharpens edges in your photo
Sepia Converts photo to sepia tone
B&W Make your photo black and white
Warmify Improves skintones by boosting warm tones
Film Grain Simulate film grain
Tint Change the color of your photo
Saturation Increases or decreases saturation
Soft focus Softens focus around a center point
Glow Gives your photo a gauzy glow
Filtered B&W Makes a photo that looks like it was taken with B&W film and a color filter
Focal B&W Desaturates around a center point
Graduated Tint A graduated filter, useful for skies

Tab 4: More fun and useful image processing

Infrared Film Simulate black-and-white infrared film
Lomo-ish Imitate the Lomo toy camera
Holga-ish Make your photo look like it was taken with a plastic camera
HDR-ish Emulate that “high dynamic range” look
Cinemascope Add a little classic movie magic
Orton-ish Mimic Michael Orton’s effect
1960’s Rounded corners and a warm, aged glow
Invert Colors Make your photo look like a negative
Heat Map Simulate heat vision
Cross Process Mimics film cross-processing
Posterize Reduce the number of colors in your photo
Duo-Tones Convert your photo to two colors

Tab 5: Even more fun and useful image processing

Boost Bring out colors and increase contrast
Soften Makes your photo soft and glowy
Vignette Darken the edges of your photo
Pixelate Make your photo look blocky and low-res
Pencil Sketch Make your photo look like it was drawn with a pencil
Neon Make your photo look like neon
Comic book Comic book style half-toning
Border Add a frame to your photo
Drop Shadow Make your photo appear to be floating slightly above the background
Museum Matte Add a shadow matte frame to your photo
Polaroid Give your photo that instant-film look

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