Web Development

<update>March, 2013</update>

* Web Server

Oriented Java PHP ASP
Common Web Server Apache Tomcat Apache IIS
Common Database Server ? MySQL SQL Server
Framework Spring | Struts Zend | Yii .NET
Tutorial IBM

* Technologies

  • HTML – HyperText Markup Language
Technologies Main Concepts Resources
HTML5 – 2009 Overview HTML5, html5rocks.com HTML5, CSS3, and related technologies, IBM HTML5 APIs and related technologies by Sergey Mavrody, wikipedia
Video and Audio  HTML5, CSS3, and related technologies, IBM
Form elements and input types  HTML5, CSS3, and related technologies, IBM
IndexedDB Indexed Database API, w3.orgUsing HTML5 database and offline capabilities, Part 2: Leveraging the IndexedDB API in HTML5, ibm
  • Javascript
Technologies Main Concepts Resources
Javascript Overview JavaScript Tutorial, w3schools JavaScript, developer.mozilla.org
Objects: – Javascript Objects + RegExp Object – Browser Objects – Core DOM Objects – HTML DOM Objects JavaScript Objects, w3schools JavaScript Window, w3schools
OOP – Prototype Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript, developer.mozilla.org
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheets
Technologies Main Concepts Resources
CSS 3– 2012 Overview CSS3 Tutorial, w3schools
CSS3 Animation CSS3 Animations, w3schools
CSS3 Transitions CSS3 Animations, w3schools
@font-face CSS3 @font-face Rule, w3schools Hundreds of @font-face font kits, fontsquirrel.com
Box-Shadow Box Shadow, css3maker.com
CSS 2– 2011 Overview CSS Tutorial, w3schools


*. Design


Design Trends



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